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About Team Dazig

How We Got Here and Where We Are Today

Team Dazig was founded in 2002 by two U.S. Army veterans who wanted to create a Team that embodied our motto of "Go Fast, Be Real, Stay Humble".  It started with a passion to personalize our builds by purchasing quality aftermarket products and helping each other along the way.  We are a diverse Team of enthusiasts who strive to set the right example for other enthusiasts through our actions and our builds.  You can find us hosting or participating in car meets that support community and will not tolerate any sideshow activities as we want a space where fellow enthusiasts can appreciate other builds safely without disturbing the peace.  You can also find several of our members hitting the show circuit in El Paso, TX and throughout the United States.  We've grown throughout the years with several members throughout the great Lone Star State, the East and West Coast, and abroad with members in Europe and South America.  We strive to be a Team that focuses on the person first before the build because it's the people behind the build that makes us who we are.  If you have the same vision and want to grow your build with a Team that you can call family, then you've come to the right place!  Get to learn more about us by dropping us a message and checkout our line of merch and aftermarket products that embody our message and our passion for the tuner community! 

Go Fast | Be Real | Stay Humble

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